Monday, September 21, 2009

I can Spell My Name Activity

Do you want to help your child began to identify letters in their name. Well you can start this very early. I will suggest this activity for older 2-5 yr old.The best way to help your child will language and literacy promotion is to make it fun; young children do learn through play so make it educational for them. Here are a couple of simple activities you can do at home.

Collect old Newspapers
Have a pair of child scissors(or they can tear)
Glue(you could make tack with water and flour kids love this)
pieces of Contruction Paper
Marker(non toxic)


1.On a piece of construction paper write your Childs name in Neat Grammatically correct letters

2.Tell your child you will help him or her make name collages

3.Ask open ended questions like What can we use to make a collage? Your child will give you all sorts of answers, thats perfect. Then tell them thats right but today we are going to use newspaper etc;

4.What can we find in a newspaper?(open ended)

5.Yes, we can find that in the newspaper but we can also find letters in the
Newspaper; Letters are apart of the Alphabet and Letters are in our names. I bet we can find letters that are in your name.

6.So, the point is to engage in a converstaion; we are promoting language and thinking skills.

7.Now you will have the paper with the childs name on it; go over the letters be creative; Say maybe, Can you guess what I have here; its a piece of paper with letters that says someones name??? Guess who???

8.Lets see if we can find these letters in the newspaper

9.Cut or tear out the Letters and glue them on the paper underneath each letter or if the child has difficulty placing letters with like letters; thats okay because this is about identifying letters in their name which is the first step of learning to spell their name.

10.Help with finding letters; name each letter for recognition; make it fun with variations; maybe I wonder how many A's I can find; Ashley begans with the Letter A; first one to find the letter A gets a sticker.

Well after you have found the letters; go over each letter in the child's name; sing the Alphabet song and tell your child qwhat a great job they did spelling ttheir name. Hang artwork up; this will boost self confidence in accomplishments.